ralphy wrote: 
> It's likely due to the fact that squeezelite doesn't support https and
> deezer no longer allows http urls.
> Similiar to what 'happened with napster recently'
> (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?108787-Napster-problems&p=908840&viewfull=1#post908840).
> The Deezer plugin might need a similiar tweak.
> Have you tried enabling proxied streaming for the player in a recent lms
> 7.9.1?
> Michael added a feature request for 'squeezelite to support direct
> https' (https://github.com/ralph-irving/squeezelite/issues/17) when he
> added canhttps to the player capabilities. I haven't had much interest
> in coding recently.

mherger wrote: 
> Philippe,
> I'm sure you're technical enough to give this a try for Deezer, too:
> http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?108787-Napster-problems&p=908885&viewfull=1#post908885
> Obviously you'd have to change Deezer's protocol handler.
> Though this still wouldn't explain why the SB would play where 
> squeezelite fails...
> -- 
> Michael

Thanks guys - I'll try that. Adding SSL to stream.c hmm... I have a lot
of things in my plate currently, not sure I have the courage for that.
But I've already done full SSL for the CastBridge plugin, so I have a
good idea what's needed. Maybe int he coming month

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