theonlyfoz wrote: 
> Don't remember all the details, we're going back 4-5 days now, but yes
> pretty sure I would have refreshed the page after the restart. So the
> Spotty settings page was 404ing. Went to players tab and the enable
> connect option was available in the drop down menu for the player, so I
> would have refreshed as I had been out of the plugins tab to the players
> tab, then back to the plugins tab and still getting the 404. then a
> quick look in the LMS log showed a "you must have libio-socket-ssl-perl"
> msg. So I uninstalled LMS, installed the socket pkg, reinstalled LMS and
> everything was hunky dory (except the pause/play button which you've
> fixed.)

Ok, thanks for the hints. Might be helpful.

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