It is a waste of time to discuss BBC support of APIs.  They don't talk
to individuals only companies and organisations. 

The 1 May 2018 date was given in a BBC post somewhere - presumably it is
the end date of some contract BBC have with some 3rd party.  Things may
stop on 1 May 2018 or they may not so there is no point fretting about
it. If something happens at some point in the future, it may be possible
to do something sometime like last year but there is no new

The schedule APIs did go away last year - the BBC hacked the Programme
API into a bodged up feed of all program data for all times into one
"file" and the Extra plugin filters and organises it and it is this feed
that may go away.

The BBC promised a replacement API called Nitro and it would be
available in Oct 2015, after many delays it now seems this effort has

Essentially access to 30 days (or more for some programs) will be lost -
the BBCiPlayer uses the official vendor feed which just has 7 days of

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