Hi - It seems that the song duration returned from CLI when using flac
is a random very large number. Unfortunately, it is causing issue with
my CC & UPnP plugins as some internal of my squeezelite depends on that

More precisely I've seen that due to the large buffering made by such
CC/UPnP players, the "end of decode" command might be sent to LMS very
early (I send it when the stream has been fully transferred to the

So the stream request for the next track might start way before the
current track finishes, and as consequence, the HTTP connection for the
next track might be stalled for a while. Unfortunately, Deezer does not
like that and closes the connection. As a workaround, I do not send the
"end of decode" untill I'm close enough to the end of the current tracK.
I don't like that hack, but Deezer gave me no option. But if the
duration is wrong, then, the end of decode is enver sent.

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