johnbeverley wrote: 
> Not living in the UK, I understand that I need to use a VPN to access
> the BBC Radio 3 AAC 320kbs stream.
> I know that the "best" solution is to configure my router - but for
> complicated reasons I can't do that. So I think that the next best way
> would be to configure my vpn somehere in my LMS set-up.
> My question is twofold; (1) where, and, (2) how?
> I'm presently using Max2Play/LMS Server on a Raspberry Pi in the "server
> room" and I'm looking to enable the PiCorePlayer connected to my main
> hifi in the lounge to receive the aforementioned stream.
> Thanks
> John

I can't help specifcally with VPNs. You are right to get 320kbs AAC
you'll need VPN to apperar to be in UK and you'll also need BBCiPlayer
plugin.  There are users of VPNs of BBCiPlayer and I think you'd get a
better response on a BBCiPlayer thread especially as not all VPNs work
with iPlayer Radio as BBC have measures in place. 

You thread title doesn't mention VPNs and VPN is your main problem so
many forum readers will not open this thread as they think it is a BBC
R3 problem. Also as VPNs are not a LMS or Plugin - you need platform
specific help.

1. You need to find VPNs that work with BBC iPlayer Radio
2. You need to get advice from Max2Play developers/users on how to
install a VPN (and specifically one from point 1)  on their platform.

A post on the BBCiPlayer plugin thread (
)  should come to attention of main BBCiPlayer users.  
Regarding which VPN service works - I think users castalla and utgg know
about BBCiPlayer and VPNs and user d6jg has indirect experience of VPNs
for BBC (i.e they fixed it for a nonUK friend) - if you get no response
you could try a polite PM to one of those guys.

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