philippe_44 wrote: 
> Understood, I will better explore the status option, I probably
> misundertood it when I initially did the 1st version of these bridges, a
> while ago. 
> Re songinfo, I understand that with RP in flac mode, a track is more
> than one song. 
> In my plugin, when a *track* (whatever is a track) is fully sent to a
> player, then the "end of decode" (STMd) is sent to LMS. In return, a
> "play new track" (strms) is send by LMS (if any). At this point, I use
> the CLI to query the playlist and get the "current_track_index + 1"
> metadata using songinfo and then I can send that to the CC/UPnP player 
> (during initial playback I use the "current_track_index").
> I do the same with Deezer (flow): although LMS shows only once
> "changing" track, this way to get metadata works, it seems that the
> current_track_index + 1 mode works. The only issue with RP in flac mode
> is the duration. 
> But, did I read your previous mail correctly that, in songinfo, even if
> I get a correct duration value would be returned, it will be the first
> *song* duration value and not the whole *track* (the multiple songs)
> value? It seems strange as the duration displayed on the webUI is the
> whole *track"

And also, meanwhile, I'm trying to solve the problem of not sending the
"end of decode" too early by comparing the amount of streamed bytes,
using metadata bitrate (which seems relabily available) and the ms
played. When the decoder has finished and these two become too close by
N, it means the player is finishing the track, so I can send the request
for next track. Same than using the ms played and metadata duration,
except that duration is obtained through total streamed bytes and
bitrate, which are only available once everything has been streamed from
LMS ... contorded (and I hate that) but seems to work.

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