pjc wrote: 
> Good point, that's probably true in practice.
> Ugh, right.  instead of the messiness of renaming directories, couldn't
> you simply put your Crypt under a different search root and fiddle with
> @INC instead?  That way you wouldn't have to make persistent changes
> (and you could try your version first).

You're right, I'll do that. Still a bit ugly because if a system has RSA
version 0.28 (e.g.) then it will find the RSA.pm from system and when
trying to load the shared object, if I have the matching library in
auto/, it will try to load it and fail because of version mismatch
(0.30). Then I will add my local RSA.pm in the path and loading will
But at least it will avoid user confusion when plugin has not been
stopped properly

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