philippe_44 wrote: 
> I've added a super-preliminary version in the dev repository.
> I'd like to see if it solves
> 1- the flac forcing problem for the Jongo
> 2- for the Xiaomi, the icy metadata issue when listening to some radio
> (RP)
> 3- it adds as well MP3 as a re-encode options which gives metadata in
> flow mode, so you have replay gain, fading, gapless and metadata if your
> player supports icy protocol ... allright, it's mp3 but you can chose up
> to 320k ...
> 3- few other fade modes correction for short tracks
> Please use with caution, but I'd really like to have feedback, pretty
> please

Philippe you're a legend :D

Streaming FLAC files up to 24bit/192kHz no problem - using pass-through,
just flc for codecs and audio/flac in forced mimetypes

These are my current settings for the CD-N301 ( left Common options at
default settings ) 

  <name>CD-N301 DLNA</name>
  <friendly_name>CD-N301 BB29B1</friendly_name>

Not explored any other options yet - but it's certainly fixed my problem

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