bpa wrote: 
> I didn't look in great detail but anything other than 1 seems very
> complicated.
> If HiRes MQA stream can play on Windows - I would look at network
> traffic to find ways to do the same on LMS and cut out all the VAC &
> remote control stuff - my gut feel a quick initial investigation will
> tell if it is possible and if so then will be less work than remote
> control.  My experience of remote controls via a relay has never been
> good.

Nice input, bpa!

I’m trying to collect all good ideas here for Tidal hi-res on
LMS/Squeezeboxes, so we maybe can achieve something good and well
thought through together.

I totally agree that solutions around point 1, would really be the best
and easiest for us all to use and maintain, at least. But maybe more
complicated to build? And how would one go about to pick apart the
official Tidal desktop app like you suggest with network traffic etc.? 

At the moment, though maybe not the best or sexy, I’m exploring
ways to get further 2-ways operation of the Tidal desktop app with
WaveInput through Unified remote. I’ve found some promising work
on wrappers/api for Tidal, where maybe a generic node.js based web app
for the phone or iPeng browser to remote control The Tidal PC app could
work? It would also have application outside LMS and maybe up for grasp
inside my current domain of skills.

Is this a way forward, in the shorter term for solutions in the spirit
of point 2, and maybe of future benefit for solutions รก la point 2?


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