bobertuk wrote: 
> This will auto-start any app...
> Copy the app shortcut to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start
> Menu\Programs\StartUp
> For SqueezeLite copy its shortcut to above directory and reboot. 
> But instead of the above and to set a startup delay...
> Squeezelite startup needs a delay so the above auto-start won't provide
> that delay. I use a paid for program called Startup Delayer by r2
> Studios which I already had - I think it costs $20.
> Drag the shortcut to the section labelled "Delayed" then set a manual
> delay - I use 1 minute but it could be shorter.Starting with delay is simple 
> to archive by using the built in task
scheduler of windows. It gives you several options for waiting (time,
network connectivity etc)

*SqueezeBoxes:* 1x Transporter (Living room) 1x SB2 (shed), 1x Radio
(Kitchen), 1x Boom (Dining room), 1x piCorePlayer (jacuzzi), 1x
piCorePlayer (Garden) 1x OSMC + Squeezelite (Movie room), 1x Touch
(Study 2), few spare unit's
*Server:* LMS on Pi3 7.9.1. on PcP 3.21
*Network:* AVM Fritzbox, Netgear Smart Switch 24p, 3x Ubiquity
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