Mycenius wrote: 
> Morning All - I've just installed this plugin last night to try out,
> first time I've used it (as usually haven't listened to music while at
> my computer desk); and I am having an issue where it won't actually
> start, despite restarting LMS and rebooting the host NAS. I have LMS
> running on a QNAP HS-453-DX NAS via QLMS and my client is a Windows 10
> PC (with the latest 2019 major feature updates). All I get is "(Not
> Running)" showing on the LMS page next to the tick box where you enable
> the player (and the box is ticked)...
> Can someone advice the first basic troubleshooting steps I should take
> (e.g. anything obvious I should check is enabled or installed, etc)?

I think the first step in the troubleshooting is :- Is the localplayer
plugin what you think it is ?

The localplayer plugin provides a player on the LMS server hardware, in
your case the NAS, Does the NAS have audio outputs ?

If you want a client for the LMS on your PC I'd recommend Squeezelite-X
(A Free download from the Microsoft Store)


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