Excited to read this post. Unfortunately, not happening here. I am
running 7.4 and as you probably know, there are a few changes in this
version. Including the My Apps folder.

The folder is now c:\program files\squeezebox not squeezecenter.

Using the extension installer, it says that it is installed. There is
an Audioscrobbler folder in server\slim\plugin but no squeezescrobbler
anywhere, which is odd. The squeezescrobbler appears as an installed
plugin in the plugins tab. Lastfm shows in the Internet Radio list.

If I click on the Lastfm icon under internet radio, it just sits there
loading forever. On the Duet remote, lastfm does not show up at all.

Can I assume that all other people here who have had the fortune to get
the plugin running are using a previous version of squeezecenter (or as
Logitech call it now Squeezebox Server)?

Any tips on getting this plugin going with 7.4?


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