Philippe_44.. Have you looked at the new Amazon Echo things? They look
pretty good. I currently control everything via Domoticz and Homebridge.
My LMS is controlled using iPeng. The Amazon echo would be handy if you
just want some quick information. They also allow you to play music to
bluetooth players. Now if I got one of these Echos it would be in my
living room and so is my Raspberry Pi 3. Then realised the only thing
missing at the moment is bluetooth connectivity. 

Would it be possible to modify one of your plugins to use the bluetooth
on the pi 3 and then expose all the players as bluetooth players like
you do with the shairtunes2 plugin and it would work in the same way?
Just curious really as thats the only connection that is missing from
these old squeezebox thanks to your plugins :)

I'll leave it with you, thanks :D

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