Max2Play wrote: 
> Hi d6jg,
> While I am not entirely familiarized with the picoreplayer software as I
> am with Max2Play, I would still like to point to our open
> addon-structure, wherein everyone can add or even create any new
> software for Max2Play and implement it into the existing framework.
> Therein, a lot of new features and services can be added, combined and
> removed, giving you a much larger field of applications for the
> software. Aside from that general difference, we also consistently add
> new addons and update our existing ones to add more features from the
> first start. You can look at a few of our updates in the 'Max2Play
> topic'
> (
> where I introduced some, but you can find a list of 'all addons on our
> website' (

For clarification I currently have no issue with max2play. I used it to
set up a system for a friend. I prefer piCorePlayer for players due to
its ability to run from RAM.

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