I'm starting a new thread for clarification as the repository are
different and people might be confused if the original thread is being
mixed with this version. So, based on disaster123's plugin I've done a
port to Windows and added the following features.

- Possibility to stream to synchronized players 
- Multiple streams at the same time from different Airtunes devices (to
different SB obviously)
- Better time progress consistency when using playlist
- Built-in mDNS server to remove dependency from avahi and other mDNS
servers (although they are tried before falling back to built-in
- Artwork for LMS versions < 7.8
- Does not conflict with my AirPlay bridge where "mirror" players would
be create infinitely 

Linux x86, x64, armv5hf and osx are there as well, but very lighty
tested. All are named ShairTunes2W to avoid conflicting with original's

LMS 7.7.5 - 5xRadio, 3xBoom, 4xDuet, 1xTouch, 1 SB2. Sonos 2xPLAY:1,
PLAY:3, PLAY:5, Marantz NR1603, JBL OnBeat, XBMC, Foobar2000, XBoxOne,
JRiver 21, Chromecast Audio, Chromecast v1, Pi B2, Pi B+, 2xPi A+,
Odroid-C1, Cubie2
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