Hi Chris,

On Tue, Sep 14, 2010 at 09:16:37AM +0200, Chris Wilson wrote:

> I'm not sure about adding a new config switch, do we actually need it? I 
> seem to recall some wiser counsel to not add configuration options where 
> possible, as it exponentially multiplies the complexity of the software 
> code and also linearly increases the complexity of using it.
> If our intention is to rename the MySQL fields going forward, why not just 
> use a new schema version to grandfather the old column names?

Funnily enough, and that was my perspective, in this case a configuration
switch only adds two if-then-else in the common SQL plugins code. Whereas
impact of a new schema version you can verify it yourself by grepping the
source code for 'sql_table_version'. But saving a config switch, i agree,
it's always nice. I'd target release 0.12.5 for this as 0.12.4 is planned
to be out soon (by end of the month). Will give a shout as soon as i get
something workable in the CVS.


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