For our own use case of pmacct, I have added durable message support to
the amqp plugin. I have formatted this change into a set of Quilt
patches, so I can easily compile my changes into a proper Debian package.

The patches introduce a new config variable for the amqp plugin called
'amqp_persistent_message'. If set to true, the delivery_mode of the
message is set to 2, which will cause the message to be saved to disk by

The patches are available on github at:


Prebuilt Ubuntu Trusty packages can be found on my Launchpad PPA:


The patches are based against the 1.5.0rc2 tarball on pmacct.net. The
proper order off applying can be found in the series file. The
repository is fully Debian/Ubuntu compatible, and can be autobuilt using
Debian standard tools. I can provide extra instructions if someone is
interested, but I think the patches themselves are more appropriate for
pmacct developers.

I also tried to fix the few implicit function declaration warning that
prevent the package from being built on Launchpad, and I tried to fix a
few memory leaks in the amqp cache flush function.

I give these patches back to you to use as you please, as required by GPL2.

Small disclaimer: I am not a C programmer, so I tried my best to hack
the wanted changes into pmacct. I tried to adhere to the style of the
rest of the code. I'm interested in your feedback on my changes, as this
has also partly been a learning experience for me.

Kind regards,

Nick Douma

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