On 17-07-14 20:08, Dhanasekaran Anbalagan wrote:
> I am trying to integrate pmacct with logstash. I already tired print
> plugin to write to flat-files it's working. Now I am trying to integrate
> with  rabbitmq. It's not working..
> I went to rabbitmq admin. I don't see any message queues. Also tired
> Debug mode 
> I seen some Json data printing. But actually It's not sending to
> rabbitmq exchange. But Exchange name created in rabbitmq end,
> console log:
> http://paste.ubuntu.com/7809820/

In your log I see:

... publishing [E=pmacct RK=5m_ipip DM=0] ...

I read this as publishing to Exchange "pmacct" with routing key
"5m_ipip". Are you sure that your config is properly loaded by pmacct?

King regards,

Nick Douma

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