On 01-04-15 05:18, Will Dowling wrote:
> I forgot to address the other (more important) bug I encountered:
>     * Content type is only specified for messages published when the
>       amqp_persistent_msg configuration option is specified. This information
>       should always be applied to describe the payload of the message.
>     * Modified the content type declaration to "application/json" in line with
>       RFC4627.
> The second change may cause issues in clients relying on the content type flag
> being output already - so I can understand why this might not be adopted.
> That being said, making the change should improve compatability with tools
> that correctly interpret known MIME types.
> This patch is designed to be applied on top of my previous one.

Looks like I made an error indeed in my original amqp_persistent_msg
patch. For my use case, application/json as mime-type should not matter.

Kind regards,

Nick Douma

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