Greetings Paolo,

Currently, pmacctd reports traffic going each direction as follows when 
aggregating on src_host, dst_host, src_port, dst_port, and protocol:

SRC_IP           DST_IP           SRC_PORT  DST_PORT  PROTOCOL    PACKETS       
        BYTES      55932     18051     tcp         2             
        1445       18051     55932     tcp         1             
        1371      55933     18051     tcp         4             
        6904       18051     55933     tcp         1             

We can see that is a client that's opening random ports in order to 
communicate to the same service port (18051) on The service on 
18051 responds in return resulting in traffic going the opposite direction. My 
DESIRED RESULT would be the summation of all traffic involving a detected 
common destination port (in this case 18051):

SRC_IP           DST_IP           DST_PORT  PROTOCOL    PACKETS               
BYTES      18051     tcp         8                     

If I omit src_port then aggregate only on src_host, dst_host, dst_port, and 
protocol, I get the following output that has two extra rows that I would like 
to be summed into the first row:

SRC_IP           DST_IP           DST_PORT  PROTOCOL    PACKETS               
BYTES      18051     tcp         6                     
8349       55932     tcp         1                     
1371       55933     tcp         1                     

Is there a way for pmacctd to track the traffic and group the flows to produce 
an aggregate like my desired result? Can anyone suggest how this can be 
accomplished WITHIN pmacctd using any combination of config keys/directives 
like aggregate, pcap_filter, aggregate_filters, etc...?


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