Guys & Gals,

I have been running PMACCT since September last year v1.5.2 and today I
have upgraded to v1.6.1.

I am pushing the data collected to two separate MySQL tables; acct_in &

Based on our traffic flow the data being entered into the database does not
appear to be correct. I've been watching the database not for an hour and
there is only a dozen entries. In previous versions there would be
thousands of our IP's showing now.

Our Config:

daemonize: true

nfacctd_port: 9996

nfacctd_time_new: true

plugins: mysql[inbound], mysql[outbound]

sql_db: db_name

sql_host: localhost

sql_user: db_user

sql_passwd: db_password

sql_refresh_time: 15

sql_table_version: 8

aggregate[inbound]: dst_host

aggregate[outbound]: src_host

aggregate_filter[inbound]: dst net 27.x.x.0/24 or 27.x.x.0/24 or
103.x.x.0/24 or 103.x.x.0/23

aggregate_filter[outbound]: src net 27.x.x.0/24 or 27.x.x.0/24 or
103.x.x.0/24 or 103.x.x.0/23

sql_table[inbound]: acct_in

sql_table[outbound]: acct_out

>From what I can see, it looks like only data communicating with the server
from the filtered subnets is being recorded to the DB where infact I only
want data communicated in and out of our ranges to be written to allow us
to monitor and bill customers data.

This used to work, all the documents seem to outline that this is the
correct way to only store data too and from our Subnets?

Your assistance is appreciated!


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