Hi Paul,

Can you have a look at the following email (essentially same thread 
as this one)? I'd be curious of your thoughts about it:


There is only a single news i would bring at this propo: the tee plugin
recently started supporting inspection and dissection of incoming flow
packets; this is currently limited to sFlow only and meant to split flow
records based on, say, MAC address VLAN etc., and selectively replicate
them over. While this is not precisely matching what you are looking for
the leap would be doable - pending flow sub-sampling does make sense.


On Wed, Nov 16, 2016 at 09:57:08PM +0000, Paul Lockaby wrote:
> Does pmacct/nfacctd support forwarding netflow/ipfix, like samplicator does? 
> If it does, does it support forwarding sampled netflow/ipfix? E.g. I have 
> netflow coming in to one collector host and I need to send it on to one 
> person who wants it 1:1 and another person who wants it 10:1.
> -Paul
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