Rather than perform the lookup as the traffic arrives, we're interested in have 
the lookup performed at the time of purge.  In our case the purge interval is 
60 minutes, so there are fewer aggregated data (IP addresses) to perform the 
lookup on.  Also if the lookup results are cached, only the first purge will 
have a significant impact on performance.

But the reason why it's so critical for pmacct to perform it for us is our 
consumers (ex. presentation) aren't in the same network or have access to the 
same DNS servers where pmacct collected the data. To clarify, our consumer can 
try to lookup the IP against its own DNS servers, but it won't find a match for 
IP's that are localized to the network (and DNS servers) that pmacct ran in.

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DNS lookups will effectively rate limit flow export, though, even if you're 
hitting a cache. Do it after the fact in your presentation layer with a cache, 
don't do it at the collection level, because you'll also have to store it. I 
dunno what your flow volume is, but this is generally a bad idea. You're 
increasing processing time per flow with a multi-millisecond block, and you're 
increasing storage per flow by up to 64 bytes, in more egregious cases. Per 
flow. This is a scale exercise that can get out of hand very quickly.

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When aggregating on src_host and dst_host, the outputs are IP addresses.  Is it 
possible to also get DNS equivalent? Can pmacct perform a reverse DNS lookup 
and output it along with the IP addresses?

If not, is there a workaround involving the 'networks_file' option where both 
IP address and its DNS/label are included in its output?


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