Hi Paolo,

Happy to give you more work ;) It's not "needed", but it could be great I can do it.

I thought about AF in another one, will try to implement / configure it on ASR and give the trick here for the community/list ;)

Thanks for your help, great work and quick replies ;)

Le 2016-12-09 17:54, Paolo Lucente a écrit :
Hi Fabien,

Yes, that is more clear, thanks for elaborating. In short, that is not
currently possible. But the dev of the feature does not appear to be a
biggie either, i've put it on my todo list. The only workaround that
comes to mind, i know i'm saying the obvious, is to pick a transport
(either v4 or v6, that is, not both) for BGP and travel ipv4/ipv6 AFs
(along with any other AF you may need) in that same transport.


On Wed, Dec 07, 2016 at 09:53:54PM +0100, Fabien VINCENT wrote:
Hi Paolo,

Le 2016-12-07 17:54, Paolo Lucente a écrit :
>Hi Fabien,
>One step back on your question: you refer to the flow records or to the
>transport protocol here? You can travel v4 and v6 records within the
>same, say, v4 NetFlow/IPFIX/sFlow transport. This is what all exporters
>basically do; are you working with an exporter that is behaving in a
>different fashion? Like sending v4 records over a v4 transport and v6
>records into a v6 transport? If i understand your question correctly,
>that would be the only case in which it would apply.

It can be, but this is not what I'm trying to achieve here.

>In any case you can select which v4 or v6 address you want to bind to,
>one (or otherwise you bind on all and then filter with iptables for
>example), with nfacctd_ip, sfacctd_ip and bgp_daemon_ip (the
>address you
>listen for NetFlow/IPFIX/sFlow can be different from the BGP one, yes).

How can I see the BGP daemon to listen on a specific IPv4 and IPv6 ?
I wanted to do it to have both address family.

I run both nfacctd and sfacctd on the same server and BGP daemon
have to be bind on sepecific seconday ipv4, because they have to
bind both on TCP/179. And I want to do the same with IPv6 at the
same time to have IPv6 sessions with DFZ routers.

>If this answer does not help, please elaborate a bit more on what you
>are trying to achieve.

Is this more clear ?

Thanks !

>On Tue, Dec 06, 2016 at 01:21:22PM +0100, Fabien VINCENT wrote:
>>Dear list,
>>Any help on how to configure sfacctd and nfacctd on dual stack ?
>>I mean having both IPv4 and IPv6 running on sfacctd, with collector
>>enabled on both protocols ?
>>I've seen the trick for bgp_daemon_ip, but don't know how to bind to
>>specific ip4 and ip6 on my server the sfacctd bgp daemon and the
>>daemon itself.
>>Thanks in advance !
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