Hi Paolo,

thanks for your response.

> All of that should fall in the pre_tag_filter domain but I can
> anticipate you none of the fields you are mentioning (ie.
> post_nat_src_host, src_host_country or nat_event) are currently
> supported. What would be your use-case? Feel free to say here or via
> unicast email.

We are collecting IPFIX NAT event records from a gateway device
containing the 5 tupel, post_nat_src_host, post_nat_src_port,
nat_event, and some counters. In this setup, I have two use cases:

1) While we are receiving both create events (nat_event=4) and destroy
(nat_event=5), I only want to persist the destroy events in DB, as
those carry all the information required. Hence, my intention was
to somehow filter for nat_event=5.

2) In addition to that, depending on the NAT IP address, different
retention policies apply. Hence, I want to filter for post_nat_src_host
to be in a given a.b.c.d/e network and pass to a dedicated plugin,
e.g. to persist in dedicated DB table.

If I got you right, this is supposed to be done by using a pre_tag_map
to tag the records and do the filtering by pre_tag_filter on the given
tag. However, support for the particular attributes (post_nat_src_host,
nat_event) to be used as match in pre_tag_map needs to be implemented.
I guess, this would be straight forward, as it would be similar to the
existing matches (dst_as, dst_mac, ...), right?

Thanks in advance

> On Tue, Feb 28, 2017 at 01:54:14PM +0100, Timo Lindhorst wrote:
>> Hi,
>> we're currently digging into pmacct and friends and I'm quite happy
>> about its feature set and extensibility.
>> Now, I face a probably not so uncommon use case, which I'm not able
>> to find a simple solution for:
>> The `aggregate_filter` key allows to filter flows before passing them
>> to a plugin. The filter syntax is supposed to be a pcap-filter:
>> aggregate_filter[inbound]: dst net
>> However, is there a way to filter for non-pcap attributes, like
>> src_host_country or nat_event? In my present case, I like to filter
>> the post_nat_src_host to be in a given network, but I don't see
>> a way to do this with aggregate_filter and pcap syntax.
>> The documentation for aggregate_filter says:
>> > This directive can be used in conjunction with 'pre_tag_filter'
>> > (which, in turn, allows to filter tags).
>> Hence, I guess it should be possible to filter for tags. However,
>> trying `tag 1` as filter results in a "syntax error".
>> I appreciate any help or hint how to approach this.
>> Thanks in advance
>> Timo
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