Hi Kenneth,

You have the aggregate_primitives infrastructure to define new and
custom NetFlow/IPFIX fields. Here you can also find some examples:


Don't hesitate to get in touch privately with a sample of your data in
case you would need any further help with definining those fields.


On Fri, Mar 31, 2017 at 07:13:35PM +0000, Kenneth Lind wrote:
> Hi,
> We started using pmacct's (v1.6.1) nfacctd a couple months ago to collect 
> (IPFIX) carrier grade NAT (CGN) records (using aggregates of src_host, 
> src_port, post_nat_src_host, post_nat_src_port, timestamp_start) and have 
> been very happy with the results.
> Recently we decided to add bulk-port-allocation to the CGN device(s) (Cisco 
> ASR9k) in order to reduce the amount of logging data requirements, and this 
> broke our collector's functionality. I have not been able to find 
> documentation on the support of the two newly introduced element name/IDs 1) 
> portRangeStart [361] and 2) portRangeEnd [362].
> I would appreciate any help on how to move forward (keeping the new elements 
> in the flow export).
> Thanks in advance,
> Ken
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