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> pmacct gives you absolute counters and time reference. Say, between
> 02:00 and 02:05 there have been 1GB transferred. So, while i confirm
> pmacct can't give you the counters how you need them, you can easily
> derive them. My recommendation would be to handle this post-processing
> data output by pmacct, probably what you meant with your #2 option.


Feed pmacct output, which classifies and totals and thereby 
reduces data volume, to a database or even a file
and then run queries against the db.  Or feed it to a 
time-series circular db, like rrdtool etc., through your
own filter that analyzes, so you never have to delete old data.
In the latter case the pmacct in-memory method can be
good choice on the pmacct side.  Or use a db that
supports triggers to do the analysis on input
into the db.  Etc.  Whatever works.


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