Hi Mike,

Thanks for reporting the issue in the detail. This should now be fixed
with this commit:


It would be great if you could confirm this working for you.


On Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 12:37:58AM +0000, Mike Jager wrote:
> Hi Paolo,
> On 18 Jul 2017, at 2:28, Paolo Lucente wrote:
> The version the post refers to is very old and, yes, the issue was
> resolved back then. I would start from scratch investigating what your
> issue may be. What version are you using (sfacctd -V output)? What is
> your current setup and config?
> Reproduced on sfacctd 1.7.0-git (20170717-00) at commit 
> 8a95700554b4146df89df489cc9f3aa69e559b34.
> '--enable-mmap' '--enable-pgsql' 
> '--with-pgsql-includes=/usr/include/postgresql' '--enable-mysql' 
> '--enable-sqlite3' '--enable-ipv6' '--enable-v4-mapped' '--enable-64bit' 
> '--enable-threads' '--enable-jansson' '--enable-geoip' '--enable-rabbitmq' 
> '--enable-l2' '--enable-traffic-bins' '--enable-bgp-bins' '--enable-bmp-bins' 
> '--enable-st-bins'
> Setup is Juniper EX switches exporting sFlow data to sfacctd. The EXs do not 
> include AS data in the sFlow records, so iBGP is set up between each EX and 
> sfacctd. sfacctd is configured as an RR client on each EX.
> As per Rob's email, prefixes originated internally have an empty AS_PATH, and 
> so end up with src_as or dst_as set to 0. I'm trying to replace this with our 
> ASN, using networks_file. This mostly works, but in some cases, records with 
> our source/destination IP address still have their src_as/dst_as respectively 
> set to 0.
> Digging into the affected IP addresses, it seems like maybe 
> networks_file_no_lpm is not working. If I take a fictitious example of a 
> source IP address in our network of, then there is:
> *     BGP: (with empty AS_PATH)
> *     BGP: (with empty AS_PATH)
> *     networks_file: <myasn>,
> In this scenario (with the below configuration file), sFlow records with 
> src_host have src_as set to 0, rather than <myasn>. If I add 
> <myasn>, to the networks_file, then sFlow records with src_host 
> have src_as correctly set to <myasn>. I thought this was exactly 
> the scenario that networks_file_no_lpm existed for - am I mistaken?
> Config is fairly straight-forward:
> daemonize: false
> sfacctd_port: 16343
> aggregate: 
> peer_src_ip,in_iface,out_iface,vlan,src_mac,dst_mac,src_host,dst_host,src_as,dst_as,as_path
> plugins: print
> print_output: json
> print_refresh_time: 10
> sfacctd_as: longest
> sfacctd_net: longest
> bgp_daemon: true
> bgp_daemon_ip: x.x.x.x
> bgp_daemon_max_peers: 10
> networks_file: /etc/pmacct/networks.list
> networks_file_no_lpm: true
> Hope that's enough information!
> Cheers
> -Mike

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