I'm trying to classify traffic using pre_tag_map, but I'm running into an issue where my tags aren't being applied to all the traffic. The tags only seem to get applied to a very small percentage of traffic, though I think they should be matching virtually all of it.

My config is:

daemonize: true
sfacctd_port: 6868
sfacctd_renormalize: true
imt_mem_pools_number: 99999
networks_cache_entries: 599999
refresh_maps: true
networks_file: /root/bgp_route_map
pre_tag_map: /root/pre_tag_map
sfacctd_as_new: fallback
plugins: memory[dst_as], memory[src_as]
aggregate[dst_as]: dst_as, tag
imt_path[dst_as]: /tmp/pmacct_dst_asn.pipe
aggregate[src_as]: src_as, tag
imt_path[src_as]: /tmp/pmacct_src_asn.pipe

and my pre_tag_map looks like this:

set_tag=10      ip= vlan=30
set_tag=10      ip= vlan=31

If I capture and decode some inbound traffic with sflowtool, it seems to have the vlan set correctly: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/devicenull/c2bf9a201daffcb1c4fa2722de299002/raw/39b5af22cb6795cc6f7ef0b096aec869e1ab78ab/gistfile1.txt

Any suggestions for debugging here? I don't really see any configuration options that I can use to determine why these maps aren't being applied, and I haven't really had any luck in figuring out what's going on.

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