New to pmacct.  I have a router with a partial BGP feed pushing flow
records into nfacctd which is populating the sql database quite nicely.
I'm trying to use a networks_file to improve acccuracy of the src_as field
since most IP's are resolving src_as to the AS that originates
from the routers perspective.

My config looks like:

daemonize: false

plugins: mysql

aggregate: in_iface, src_as, out_iface, src_host, src_net

nfacctd_port: 2100

sql_refresh_time: 30

sql_table_version: 6

sql_history: 15m

sql_history_roundoff: h

sql_table: acct_%Y%m%d_%H%M

sql_table_schema: /home/pmacct/acct_v6.schema

networks_file: /home/pmacct/origin_as.txt

origin_as.txt contains 730k contains of entries that should give me a much
better picture of src_as with entries such as:

These entries don't appear to be having any impact though.  Does anyone
have any suggestions or a better way to do this?  I also tried feeding a
full BGP feed into nfacctd and had similar problems so have been trying
this simpler mechanism.

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