we are using nfacctd to collect NAT events (event types 4 and 5, 
https://www.iana.org/assignments/ipfix/ipfix.xml#ipfix-nat-event-type) into a 
MySQL instance. We also want to rotate the table on a daily basis:

    sql_table[natev]: natev_%Y_%m_%d
    sql_table_schema[natev]: /path/to/schema.sql

schema.sql looks like this:

    create table natev_%Y_%m_%d (

Currently, the generated table name is somehow named like "natev_1970_01_01", 
allthough the timestamp_start and timestart_end fields of the collected NAT 
events are correctly set.

I toyed around with the table-creation code in src/sql_common.c to enforce a 
table-name with the right name, but the events are not stored in that created 
table: "natev_1970_01_01" is used all the time.

Can you point me into the right direction on how to configure nfacctd to store 
the NAT events into the right tables?

Thank you in advance,
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