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> Fantastic, please proceed. I guess the patch should be wrapped around
> some version checking of libpcap a-la if greater or equal than current
> release in master then compile the code. I did jus review configure.ac
> and libpcap version is not captured plus i seem to read libpcap folks
> are anti pkg-config, that would have made things extremely simple. We
> may have to resort to something a-la MySQL (since they also do have a
> mysql-config thing and only in 5.7 added pkg-config support):
> https://github.com/pmacct/pmacct/blob/master/m4/ax_lib_mysql.m4

Another quick solution is to check PCAP_VERSION_(MAJOR|MINOR).

If you use autoconf, you can directly check for the existence of the
function, like this is already done with AC_CHECK_LIB (or you could use

In fact, after checking Lennert's patch, it's already done this way.
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