Hi Mehul,

I think an aggregation method like the following is a good start for
your task:

pmacctd_net: bgp
aggregate: src_host, src_net, dst_host, dst_net

This assumes you are using pmacctd, that is libpcap, for traffic
accounting. It will work from 1.6.0 onwards (as before such release
individual hosts and subnets were sharing the same field).


On Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 02:24:34PM +0000, Mehul Prajapati wrote:
> Hi,
> My requirement is to do accounting of BGP Subnets which are logged by BGP 
> daemon in PMacct.
> Also, I want to do accounting of individual hosts with the BGP subnet 
> associations.
> I have configured BGP deamon in PMacct and it is logging BGP routes in a json 
> file.
> I need a configuration to do accounting of the logged BGP routes and other 
> hosts associated with this subnet.
> Is this possible ?
> Regards,
> Mehul

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