I want to do accounting in which timestamp is updated at sql_refresh interval. 
(No historical accounting)

Following is the pmacctd configuration,
interface: ens32

debug: true
snaplen: 1500

plugins: mysql[in], mysql[out]
aggregate[in]: dst_host
aggregate[out]: src_host

plugin_buffer_size: 20480
plugin_pipe_size: 2048000

! My SQL
sql_optimize_clauses: true
sql_db: pmacct
sql_refresh_time: 6

sql_passwd: tmfsr82
sql_user: root

sql_table[in]: acct_in
sql_table[out]: acct_out

I have gone through the README.timestamp document. But, I haven't found any 
configuration to do that.

Can anyone help me on this ?


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