Hi Paolo,

> On the error from your other email: any chance you can post what is the
> problematic column (since you said it's always the same one)? It would
> allow to formulate an idea and/or reproduce the issue. I can confirm the
> error as it is spit out does not ring a bell to me.

This error appears once on each operation
INFO ( storage/pgsql ): *** Purging cache - START (PID: 4927) ***
INFO ( storage/pgsql ): *** Purging cache - END (PID: 4927, QN: 69211/69211, 
ET: 0) ***

and yes - she always appears at the same column (ip_src). only the line number 

2018-03-19 08:47:34.339 EET [4953] pmacct@pmacct ERROR:  invalid input syntax 
for type inet: ""
2018-03-19 08:47:34.339 EET [4953] pmacct@pmacct CONTEXT:  COPY 
traffic_19032018, line 9781, column ip_src: ""
2018-03-19 08:47:34.339 EET [4953] pmacct@pmacct STATEMENT:  COPY 
traffic_19032018 (stamp_updated, stamp_inserted, ip_src, ip_dst, as_src, 
iface_in, iface_out, as_dst, port_src, port_dst, ip_proto, timestamp_start, 
timestamp_start_residual, timestamp_end, timestamp_end_residual, packets, 


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