On 19/04/2018 22:45, Bill Broadley wrote:
> I've been trying to get pmacct to ingest data from DD-wrt's rflow daemon.  It
> seems like it should be netflow V5.
> Anyone have this working?  Did you change the router side?  Or have a config
> file for nfacctd.conf that works?

Even tough it's not strictly related to "DD-wrt" and "rflow", it might be
worth noting that last month I've been _SUCCESFULL_ in porting "pmacct"
(1.6.2; actually the 'pmacctd' daemon and the 'pmacct' client) to OpenWRT.

Actually, the TP-Link WDR4300 that is currently providing my Internet
connection (via an USB 3g-dongle), is running _TWO_ instances of "pmacctd":
one binded to the "ppp" connection; the other binded to the LAN/WLAN bridge.
I'm "dumping" flows every minute (via a cron-job) to an USB flash disk,
attached to the same WDR4300.

It's working like a charm!!!

I've tried to document the building process quite detailed, here:



Damiano Verzulli
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