I seemingly keep running into issues where my pre_tag_map values aren't actually getting applied.  I haven't really been able to figure out what's happening, and my debugging thus far has involved making changes to the map and seeing if they fix the issue.

Is there a reliable way of debugging these that I'm not seeing?

I have a pretty simple file:

set_tag=20 ip= in=581
set_tag=20 ip= out=581
set_tag=20 ip= vlan=30

If I decode one of the packets with sflowtool, it seems like it should be matching on 'out_vlan 30': https://gist.githubusercontent.com/devicenull/67f2f82d97263ba406baa8256d8b053b/raw/8621e684f67fd19514f35c2c889d816ed60852de/gistfile1.txt (ignore incorrect datagramSourceIP, that's related to how I captured the traffic).

If I trigger a reload, I don't get any entries indicating I have an invalid config:

sfacctd[28498]: INFO ( default/core ): [/etc/pre_tag_map] (re)loading map.
sfacctd[28498]: INFO ( default/core ): [/etc/pre_tag_map] map successfully (re)loaded.

sfacctd *does* record traffic, it's just not applying the set_tag=20 to it.  The same sfacctd config (with different pre_tag_map values) works on  other routers.

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