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On Fri, Apr 27, 2018 at 05:02:07PM +0000, Paolo Lucente wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> The first three points can be achieved no problem; the 4th is currently
> not possible. I'm soon going to start working on a dev that would allow
> you to achieve filtering (of networks) with the tee plugin (as it does
> exist today for sFlow). At least in a phase 1 it will not be possible to
> include any (BGP) enrichment in the replicated NetFlow stream.

That sounds very good, if you need someone for testing the dev tree,
just drop me a note. This is in first place very interesting for me, as
this is an scenario i want to achieve: replicate with tee + filtering of
networks to limit the netflow to only the customer accessible networks
within a shared access.

The enrichment is only a nice to have feature :)


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