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On Sun, May 6, 2018 at 4:44 PM, Paolo Lucente <> wrote:

> 1.7.1
> pmacct is a small set of multi-purpose passive network monitoring tools. It
> can account, classify, aggregate, replicate and export forwarding-plane
> data,
> ie. IPv4 and IPv6 traffic; collect and correlate control-plane data via BGP
> and BMP; collect infrastructure data via Streaming Telemetry. Each
> component
> works both as a standalone daemon and as a thread of execution for
> correlation
> purposes (ie. enrich NetFlow with BGP data).
> A pluggable architecture allows to store collected forwarding-plane data
> into
> memory tables, RDBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite), noSQL databases (MongoDB,
> BerkeleyDB), AMQP (RabbitMQ) and Kafka message exchanges and flat-files.
> pmacct offers customizable historical data breakdown, data enrichments like
> BGP and IGP correlation and GeoIP lookups, filtering, tagging and triggers.
> Libpcap, Linux Netlink/NFLOG, sFlow v2/v4/v5, NetFlow v5/v8/v9 and IPFIX
> are
> all supported as inputs for forwarding-plane data. Replication of incoming
> NetFlow, IPFIX and sFlow datagrams is also available. Statistics can be
> easily exported to time-series databases like ElasticSearch and InfluxDB
> and traditional tools Cacti RRDtool MRTG, Net-SNMP, GNUPlot, etc.
> Control-plane and infrastructure data, collected via BGP, BMP and Streaming
> Telemetry, can be all logged real-time or dumped at regular time intervals
> to AMQP (RabbitMQ) and Kafka message exchanges and flat-files.
> + pmbgpd: introduced a BGP x-connect feature meant to map BGP peers
>   (ie. PE routers) to BGP collectors (ie. nfacctd, sfacctd) via a
>   standalone BGP daemon (pmbgpd). The aim is to facilitate operations
>   when re-sizing/re-balancing the collection infrastructure without
>   impacting (ie. re-configuring) BGP peers. bgp_daemon_xconnect_map
>   expects full pathname to a file where cross-connects are defined;
>   mapping works only against the IP source address and not the BGP
>   Router ID, only 1:1 relationships can be formed (ie. this is about
>   cross-connecting, not replication) and only one session per BGP
>   peer is supported (ie. multiple BGP agents are running on the same
>   IP address or NAT traversal scenarios are not supported [yet]).
>   A sample map is provided in 'examples/'.
> + pmbgpd: introduced a BGP Looking Glass server allowing to perform
>   queries, ie. lookup of IP addresses/prefixes or get the list of BGP
>   peers, against available BGP RIBs. The server is asyncronous and
>   uses ZeroMQ as transport layer to serve incoming queries. Sample
>   C/Python LG clients are available in 'examples/lg'. A sample LG
>   server config is available in QUICKSTART. Request/Reply Looking
>   Glass formats are documented in 'docs/LOOKING_GLASS_FORMAT'.
> + pmacctd: a single daemon can now listen for traffic on multiple
>   interfaces via a polling mechanism. This can be configured via a
>   pcap_interfaces_map feature (interface/pcap_interface can still be
>   used for backward compatiblity to listen on a single interface). The
>   map allows to define also ifindex mapping and capturing direction on
>   a per-interface basis. The map can be reloaded at runtime via a USR2
>   signal and a sample map is in examples/
> + Kafka plugin: dynamic partitioning via kafka_partition_dynamic and
>   kafka_partition_key knobs is introduced. The Kafka topic can contain
>   variables, ie. $peer_src_ip, $src_host, $dst_port, $tag, etc., which
>   are all computed when data is purged to the backend. This feature is
>   in addition to the existing kafka_partition feature which allows to
>   rely on the built-in Kafka partitioning to assign data statically to
>   one partition or rely dynamically on the default partitioner. The
>   feature is courtesy by Corentin Neau / Codethink ( @weyfonk ).
> + Introduced rfc3339 formatted timestamps: in logs, ie. UTC timezone
>   represented as yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss(.ss)Z; for aggregation primitives
>   the timestamps_rfc3339 knob can be used to enable this feature (left
>   disabled by default for backward compatibility).
> + timestamps_utc: new knob to decode timestamps to UTC timezone even
>   if the Operating System is set to a different timezone. On the goods
>   of running a system set to UTC please read Q18 of FAQS.
> + sfacctd: implemented mpls_label_top, mpls_label_bottom and
>   mpls_stack_depth primitives decoded from sFlow flow sample headers.
>   Thanks to David Barroso ( @dbarrosop ) for his support.
> + nfacctd: added support for IEs 130 (exporterIPv4Address) and 131
>   (exporterIPv6Address) when passed as part of NetFlow v9/IPFIX
>   option packets (these IEs were already supported when passed in flow
>   data). Also added support for IE 351 (dataLinkFrameSection) which
>   carries the initial portion of a sampled raw packet headers (a-la
>   sFlow). This was tested working against a Cisco NCS 5k platform.
> + nfprobe plugin: added a new nfprobe_dont_cache knob allowing to
>   disable caching and summarisation of flows (essentially letting the
>   NetFlow/IPFIX probe behave like a sFlow probe).
> + nfprobe plugin: added support for MPLS_LABEL_1, NetFlow v9/IPFIX IE
>   70; improved support for BGP next-hop IE 18 and 63. Also support for
>   IE 130/131 vi NetFlow v9/IPFIX Options was added.
> + sfprobe plugin: added sfprobe_source_ip knob to define the local IP
>   address from which sFlow datagrams are exported; improved support
>   for BGP next-hop.
> + nfacctd, sfacctd, BGP, BMP, Streaming Telemetry daemons: on Linux,
>   if supported, use SO_REUSEPORT for the listening socket (added to
>   existing SO_REUSEADDR option).
> + nfacctd, sfacctd: introduced new 'export_proto_sysid' primitive to
>   give visibility to NetFlow v5/v8 engine_id / NetFlow v9 source ID /
>   IPFIX Obs Domain ID / sFlow agentSubID.
> + nfacctd, sfacctd: extended nDPI support to NetFlow v9/IPFIX packets
>   with IE 315 (dataLinkFrameSection) and sFlow v5 packets with header
>   section.
> + nfacctd, sfacctd: extended custom primitives definition framework,
>   aggregate_primitives, to NetFlow v9/IPFIX packets with IE 315
>   (dataLinkFrameSection) and sFlow v5 sampled headers section.
> + nfacctd, sfacctd: added per-collector packets and bytes counts to
>   stats emitted via SIGUSR1. Also the output was made more formal (so
>   to be more easily parsed) and is documented in the UPGRADE notes.
> + nfacctd, pmacctd, sfacctd: pcap_savefile_delay feature introduced
>   to sleep for the supplied amount of seconds before playing a given
>   pcap_savefile. Useful, for example, to let BGP/BMP sessions come up
>   so that routing data is available for correlation when processing
>   data in the trace.
> + Kafka plugin: configuring to a positive value
>   in a kafka_config_file makes now librdkafka log plenty of internal
>   metrics.
> + BGP daemon: added support for Extended BGP Administrative Shutdown
>   Communication (draft-snijders-idr-rfc8203bis-00).
> + BMP daemon: added support for draft-ietf-grow-bmp-adj-rib-out-01 and
>   draft-ietf-grow-bmp-loc-rib-01. As a result of that, Route Monitor
>   log messages now contain indication of is_out and is_filtered.
> + BMP daemon: added support for stats reports 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 and
>   descriptions for the different Peer Types and and Peer Down reasons.
>   Finally, indication of is_post is now making to Route Monitor log
>   messages.
> + plugin_pipe_zmq: introduced plugin_pipe_zmq_hwm (high water mark)
>   knob to control the maximum amount of messages than can be stored in
>   the ZeroMQ queue.
> + [ns]facctd_allow_file: the map is now made reloadable at runtime via
>   SIGUSR2 and accepts IPv4/IPv6 prefixes increasing its scale (before
>   it was only accepting individual IP addresses).
> + pmacctd: added support for IPv6, MPLS for DLT_LINUX_SLL captures.
>   Thanks to David Barroso ( @dbarrosop ) for his support.
> + uacctd: added a global 'direction' knob to give visibility of data
>   capturing direction, ie. in/out. Useful for pre_tag_map use.
> + MySQL plugin: added sql_port knob in order to specify non-default
>   ports for connecting to the database. Patch is courtesy by Vadim
>   Tkachenko ( @vadimtk ).
> ! fix, plugins: getppid() parent process health check improved so
>   to work in Docker environments not assuming anymore parent PID is
>   1. Patch is courtesy by Hidde van der Heide ( @hvanderheide ).
> ! fix, plugins: imposing a budget for received messages (100) so to
>   preserve fairness of other operations (ie. time keeping, bucketing,
>   reloading maps, etc.) and prevent starvations.
> ! fix, plugins: retry when zmq_getsockopt() for ZMQ_EVENTS returns
>   EINTR. Thanks to Wouter de Jong for his support solving the issue.
> ! fix, plugins: when executing triggers, the first argument passed to
>   execv() should be the path to the invoked executable to prevent
>   execv(3) to fail and return EFAULT on OpenBSD. Patch is courtesy
>   by @higgsd.
> ! fix, BGP daemon: improved support of multiple capabilities per
>   optional parameter in the OPEN message. Also add-path capability is
>   now advertised if neighbor supports send/receive (previously it was
>   sent back on send only) of such capability. Thanks to Radu Anghel
>   ( @cozonac ) for his support.
> ! fix, BGP daemon: upon route lookup, don't perform ADD-PATH logics if
>   no PATH-ID (even if ADD-PATH capability is announced by the peer).
>   Thanks to Camilo Cardona ( @jccardonar ) for his support solving the
>   issue.
> ! fix, BGP daemon: wrong type 2 32-bit ASN Route Distinguisher was
>   defined in network.h. Thanks to Thomas Graf for reporting the issue.
> ! fix, BGP, BMP daemons: lookup of BGP-LU entries is now performed
>   against the correct RIB.
> ! fix, BMP daemon: the BMP thread is now made mutually exclusive with
>   the BGP one (until an use-case needs to run them both). This is to
>   potentially prevent BGP and BMP information to interfere with each
>   other when correlated. Also the 'bmp' keyword was added for *_as and
>   *_net config directives (ie. nfacctd_as, nfacctd_net). Thanks to
>   Juan Camilo Cardona ( @jccardonar ) for his support.
> ! fix, BMP daemon: improved correlation of BMP data with traffic data
>   by supporting a replication use-case (the BMP exporter is a route
>   -server rather than an actual Edge Router) upon lookup. Thanks to
>   Juan Camilo Cardona ( @jccardonar ) for his support.
> ! fix, BMP daemon: in bgp_peer_cmp() and bgp_peer_host_addr_cmp() the
>   comparison function has been changed from generic memcmp() to a more
>   specific host_addr_cmp() as paddings were giving issues. Thanks to
>   Juan Camilo Cardona ( @jccardonar ) for reporting the issue.
> ! fix, BMP daemon: a pm_tdestroy call in bmp_peer_close() was leading
>   to SEGV under certain conditions by not NULL'ing all pointers. Thanks
>   to Juan Camilo Cardona ( @jccardonar ) for reporting the issue.
> ! fix, nfacctd: prevent time calculations to underflow in cases in
>   which sysUptime < first or last flow switched timestamps in NetFlow
>   v5. Patch is courtesy by David Steinn Geirsson ( @dsgwork ).
> ! fix, nfacctd: in the context of aggregate_primitives, now enforcing
>   terminating the zero when decoding variable-length IEs when applying
>   string semantics.
> ! fix, nfprobe: changed ifIndex fields from u_int16_t to u_int32_t in
>   order to prevent overflows and aligning to the rest of structs.
> ! fix, MySQL plugin: minor code revisions to restore compiling against
>   MariaDB 10.2.
> ! fix, sql_common.c: increased read_SQLquery_from_file() buffer size
>   so that sql_table_schema can be fed with longer CREATE TABLE
>   statements.
> ! fix, print, SQL plugins: post_tag, post_tag2 support was added to
>   sql_table and print_output_file. Also for Kafka, RabbitMQ plugins
>   kafka_topic and amqp_routing_key variables support was harmonized
>   with print and SQL plugins (ie. $pre_tag renamed to $tag), see
>   UPGRADE notes.
> ! fix, SQL plugins: sql_startup_delay was not being honored when
>   sql_trigger_exec was defined without a sql_trigger_time resulting
>   in empty environment variables being passed to the triggered script.
>   Thanks to Johannes Maybaum for his support resolving the issue.
> ! fix, pkt_handlers.c: tmp_asa_bi_flow value was ignored when applied
>   to a specific plugin.
> ! fix, util.c: when data timestamp is not available, dynamic file and
>   table names variables were populated with a 1-Jan-1970 date. Now the
>   current timestamp is used instead as last resort. Patch is courtesy
>   by Ivan F. Martinez ( @ivanfmartinez ).
> ! fix, addr.c: host_addr_mask_sa_cmp() and str_to_addr_mask() network
>   mask computation for IPv6 addresses was wrong. allow_file feature
>   was affected.
> ! fix, build system: several patches committed to the build system to
>   simplify libraries probing, make sure to bail out upon error. Also
>   now a minimum required version is imposed to almost all libraries.
> - --enable-threads / --disable-threads: removed the configure switch
>   that was allowing to compile pmacct even when no pthreads library was
>   available on a system. From now on support for threads is mandatory.
> - BGP daemon: offline code, ie. bgp_daemon_offline_* config directives,
>   has been deprecated in favor of other approaches, ie. BGP Looking
>   Glass and BGP Xconnects.
> - pkt_len_distrib: the primitive, which was meant to bucket packet /
>   flow / sample lengths in a distribution has been obsoleted.
> See UPGRADE file.
> Cheers,
> Paolo
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