This seems to have solved the problem. I would have never looked for this as 
there are no vlans on the interfaces where sFlow is enabled.

Thanks very much for the info;

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Hi Terry,

It is possible that your sFlow exporter captures vlan info (which your NetFlow 
exporter does not). In which case the filter should be modified to reflect 
that. See:

And more specifically this: 

On Sat, Oct 13, 2018 at 08:44:33PM +0000, Terry Duchcherer wrote:
> I have been banging my head against a wall all day on this problem.
> I have two identical configuration files, 1 for nfacctd and 1 for sfacctd. 
> Only difference is the port info they listen to.
> nfacctd works perfect with the configuration, sfacctd does not.
> Here is the config:
> nfacct_port: 2055 or sfacctd_port: 6343 (Depends on which service I 
> start)
> plugins: mysql[inbound], mysql[outbound]
> sqldb: pmacct
> sql_host: localhost
> sql_user: pmacct
> sql_passwd: **********
> sql_table[inbound]: acct_in
> sql_table[outbound]: acct_out
> aggregate[inbound]: dst_host
> aggregate[outbound]: src_host
> aggregate_filter[inbound]: dst net (nn.nn.nn.nn/22 or nn.nn.nn.nn/22 
> or nn.nn.nn.nn/21)
> aggregate_filter[outbound]: src net (nn.nn.nn.nn/22 or nn.nn.nn.nn/22 
> or nn.nn.nn.nn/21)
> sql_refresh_time: 60
> sql_history: 1M
> sql_history_roundoff: h
> nfacctd works perfectly, one line for each host in both mysql tables.
> sfacctd nothing wrote to the mysql tables.
> If I comment out the two aggregate_filter lines, lots of data wrote to the 
> mysql tables including the subnets I want to aggregate.
> What could the possible difference be between nfacctd and sfacctd?
> Thanks in Advance;
> Terry

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