I'm using pmacct since a long time now .. so the first thing (not
quite..) to say and to express is really my gratitude to Paolo for
creating these cool tools!

So the reason for my first mail to the list is the following: I wonder
if there is a way to export flow data, received by nfacctd and is then
written to a json-formatted file, but this without nfacctd having
worked on any further aggregation (defineable via "aggregate:") and
also without losing any types.

Basically it should export all flows via the print plugin, but
*lossless* (take as received and serialize into JSON).

I suppose that manually declaring all possible types via primitives
for making them assignable in the aggregate-directive is not really
the way to go (don't get me wrong this explicit design is a necessary
minimum to have, otoh losing data because some new type/value was
received but yet not declared and configured, this seems to me as a
basic use case as well).

Am I mistaken? Ideas?


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