I have found the error bellow after execute the pmacctd -f
/etc/pmacct/pmacctd.conf command:

ERROR ( default_mysql/mysql ): Field 'class_id' doesn't have a default value

I'm using table V9, below is my pmacctd.conf file:

root@srv-xflow:~# cat /etc/pmacct/pmacctd.conf
daemonize: true
pidfile: /var/run/pmacctd.pid
syslog: daemon
interface: ens32
plugins: mysql
sql_host: localhost
sql_user: root
sql_passwd: mypassword
sql_db: pmacct
sql_table_type: bgp
!sql_optimize_clauses: true
sql_table: acct_v9
sql_table_version: 9
networks_file: /etc/pmacct/hosts.networks
! refresh the db every minute
sql_refresh_time: 60
! reduce the size of the insert/update clause
sql_optimize_clauses: true
! accumulate values in each row for up to an hour
sql_history: 5m
! create new rows on the minute, hour, day boundaries
sql_history_roundoff: mhd
sql_cache_entries: 256000
logfile: /var/log/pmacctd.log

Has anyone seen this problem? or do you have any idea how to solve it?
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