Hi All,

I am facing the following issue:

I have configured iptables to log packets coming through a ppp interface
(named sim0) using NFLOG target. These packets are forwarded to uacctd to
the respective uacctd group, as below, which are printed in a CSV file
using the print plugin:

iptables (mangle table):
-A INPUT -i sim0 -j NFLOG --nflog-group 1 --nflog-size 40 --nflog-threshold
10 --nflog-prefix sim0in
-A FORWARD -i sim0 -j NFLOG --nflog-group 1 --nflog-size 40
--nflog-threshold 10 --nflog-prefix sim0in
-A POSTROUTING -o sim0 -j NFLOG --nflog-group 1 --nflog-size 40
--nflog-threshold 10 --nflog-prefix sim0out

uacctd config:
! Collect traffic on sim0
daemonize: true
debug:  true
promisc:   false
pidfile:   /var/run/uacctd_sim0.pid
imt_path:  /tmp/uacctd_sim0.pipe
!syslog: daemon
logfile: /var/log/uacct/uacct_sim0.log
uacctd_group: 1
plugins: print[in_out_sim0]
print_output[in_out_sim0]: csv
print_output_file[in_out_sim0]: /var/lib/uacctd-sim0-%Y%m%d.csv
print_output_file_append[in_out_sim0]: true
print_refresh_time: 10
print_history: 24h

I receive normally outgoing traffic which is logged at the CSV file.
Using tcpdump I can see all the in/out traffic and iptables counters are
rising at the respective chains. The sim0 interface is dynamically brought
up from a ppp connection.

Do you have any idea why uacctd is not getting those incoming packets
(INPUT and FORWARD chain) or how this can be troubleshooted. I am using
pmacct 1.6.1-1.

Thank you!
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