Buongiorno Paolo,

> Il giorno 19 giu 2019, alle ore 03:07, Paolo Lucente <pa...@pmacct.net> ha 
> scritto:
> Ciao Simone,
> The config and maps all look good and, to be frank, it should all work.

Phew! At least the config was ok :-)

> I admit it may be a better tested config with nfacctd/sfacctd (where it
> should just work) than pmacctd/uacctd. If you have interest in trying to
> make it work, i'd be more than happy to support you and investigate the
> issue. 

Yes of course! Even if I found a viable workaround (aggregate also by vlan and 
src_mac, then “resolve” peer_src_as later in the pipeline) it would be a 
pleasure to help.

> Shall i find you positive: the setup is a bit involved and by far the
> easiest would be if i could troubleshoot on your own setup/testbed

No problem, I’ll send you access details in a separate - unicast :-) - 
email…just the time to reconfigure the things a bit.

Thank you for the support !

Simone Ricci

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