Hi All,
I have issue in making pmacct aggregate traffic for all ipv6 to be per /64
not individual ip

I am logging ipv4 and ipv6 and i made special plugin for ipv6 so i can use
network_mask but it does not work

attached is my config

with this config the error i get is
column ip_src specified twice
column ip_dst specified twice

what i am doing wring here

the table is v1 table with added 2 fields

can anyone understand why i get column specified twice error


my config
aggregate[in]: dst_host
aggregate[out]: src_host
aggregate[in6]: dst_net
aggregate[out6]: src_net
aggregate_filter[in]: dst net xxx.xxx.xxx.0/22 or dst net ttt.ttt.ttt.0/22
aggregate_filter[out]: src net xxx.xxx.xxx.0/22  or src net ttt.ttt.ttt.0/22
aggregate_filter[in6]: dst net zzzz:zzzz::/36
aggregate_filter[out6]: src net zzzz:zzzz::/36
networks_mask[in6]: 64
networks_mask[out6]: 64
interface: ens1f0
plugins: , mysql[in], mysql[out] , mysql[in6], mysql[out6]
sql_multi_values: 102400000
sql_history_roundoff: h
sql_refresh_time: 60
sql_table[in]: acct_in
sql_table[out]: acct_out
sql_table[in6]: acct6_in
sql_table[out6]: acct6_out
!sql_host: localhost
plugin_buffer_size: 10240
plugin_pipe_size: 2048000
!sql_table_version: 9
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