Hi Mikhail,

If you see all the daemons that make use of the 'req' structure have a
memset() for 'req' shortly after its declaration. For example here in
pmacctd: https://github.com/pmacct/pmacct/blob/master/src/pmacctd.c#L360


On Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 07:10:13PM +0100, Mikhail Sennikovsky wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was running through the pm_pcap_cb code, and it looks like the "req"
> passed to exec_plugins(&pptrs, &req); at
> https://github.com/pmacct/pmacct/blob/d72440dc9a7d0d0a7ed9502f1dd31b90105b1d95/src/nl.c#L167
> and to load_id_file at
> https://github.com/pmacct/pmacct/blob/d72440dc9a7d0d0a7ed9502f1dd31b90105b1d95/src/nl.c#L179
> and below
> is actually uninitialized. (See struct plugin_requests req;  at
> https://github.com/pmacct/pmacct/blob/d72440dc9a7d0d0a7ed9502f1dd31b90105b1d95/src/nl.c#L51
> )
> Note that the exec_plugins and load_id_file actually read from req
> rather than write to it.
> If I'm getting this right, that code might be working just by coincidence.
> Thanks,
> Mikhail
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