Good afternoon


I cannot have my netflow augmented with bgp data (src_as, dst_as,
peer_dst_ip.) all of the BGP data stay 0 or are empty

An output of the csv file is: 



Where 0,0 are the missing src_as, dst_as  and , , is the missing



I try to monitor traffic of a L3VPN by having all routers sending netflow
to nfacctd and augment them with BGP data.

The nfacctd collector peers with the route-reflector on address-family

Please mind the network is a confederation network with sub-as


I cannot figure out what is wrong


BGP session is up,

bgp_table_dump_file collects properly all routes from the vrf

netflow is properly collected by nfacctd


But all aggregate values that should augment the data stay at zero for the
AS, or empty like peer_dst_ip


My bgp_agent_map file has the below entry

bgp_ip=w.x.y.z.   ip=     where w.x.y.z is the IP address of the
nfacctd collector


my nfacctd config file is:


daemonize: false

debug: true

bgp_peer_as_skip_subas: true

bgp_src_std_comm_type: bgp

bgp_src_ext_comm_type: bgp

bgp_src_as_path_type: bgp

bgp_agent_map: /usr/local/etc/pmacct/map.txt

nfacctd_as_new: bgp

nfacctd_net: bgp

nfacctd_as: bgp


nfacctd_port: 2055

nfacctd_templates_file: /usr/local/etc/pmacct/nfacctd-template.txt


nfacctd_time_new: true


plugin_buffer_size: 70240

plugin_pipe_size: 2024000


bgp_daemon: true

bgp_daemon_ip: w.x.y.z

bgp_daemon_id: w.x.y.z

bgp_daemon_max_peers: 100

bgp_table_dump_file: /var/spool/bgp-$peer_src_ip-%H%M.log


plugins: print

print_output_file: /var/spool/plugin.log

print_output_file_append: true

print_refresh_time: 3

print_output: cvs

aggregate: proto, src_host, src_port, dst_host, dst_port, src_as, dst_as,
peer_src_ip, peer_dst_ip



Thank you in advance




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