A brief email to say that thanks to the monumental efforts of Marc Sune
and Claudio Ortega we could bring pmacct a bit closer to the Docker
universe. Since today we are shipping official pmacct containers on
Docker Hub ( ) organized as follows:

* A special container, base container, that is the base of the rest of
containers with all pmacct daemons installed and bash as an entry point.
It can be useful to debug and to create your customized docker image.

* One container per daemon (pmacctd, nfacctd, sfacctd, uacctd, pmbgpd,
pmbmpd, pmtelemetryd) where the entry point is the daemon itself and a
config file is expected in /etc/pmacct . For more info you can read the
'How to use it' section of the description on Docker Hub (ie. ).

Three tags are being offered:

* latest: latest stable image of that container
* vX.Y.Z: version specific tag
* bleeding-edge: only for the brave. Latest commit on master

We also created a email address which is going
to be used for maintenance and development. Should you have any
comments, questions, critics, bug reports please write us there. Marc
and myself will be reading. We are eager to hear goods and bads from you. 

Finally, although fragmentation is not always avoidable, in an effort to
prevent confusion among users, if you had your Dockerfile published on,
say, GitHub or Docker Hub we would much appreciate if you could make it
explicit / clear that it is an unofficial effort. You are very welcome
to join effort with us if you have an interest in pmacct & Docker!


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