Thanks for the info Marc.

On 06/25/2020 08:50 AM, Marc Sune wrote:

Missatge de Stephen Clark 
<<>> del dia dj., 25 de juny 
2020 a les 13:56:
Hi Paolo,

We have pmacct installed on a number of remote systems and
it just more moving parts to keep updated with having to also install/update 

Not sure what your requirements are, but if the concern is remote system's 
connectivity, docker images can be downloaded in a tar.gz and locally imported, 
without the need to have external connectivity.

Also I have used the following configure line

./configure '--enable-ndpi' --with-ndpi-static-lib=/usr/local/lib/ '--enable-l2'
'--enable-traffic-bins' '--enable-bgp-bins' '--enable-bmp-bins' 

and still get a dynamically linked pmacctd. Also the dynamic lib and static lib
are both in /usr/local/lib

Can you the resulting config.log?


I just removed the dynamic libs and got pmacctd built - I am testing it now.

Thanks for your help,

On 6/24/20 4:30 PM, Paolo Lucente wrote:
Hi Steve,

Apart from asking the obvious - personal curiosity! - why do you want to
link against a static nDPI library. There are a couple main avenues i
can point you to depending on your goal:

1) You can supply configure with a --with-ndpi-static-lib knob; guess
the static lib and the dynamic lib are in different places, you should
be game. Even simplifying further: should you make the 'shared object'
library disappear then things will be forced onto the static library;

2) did you see the "pmacct & Docker" email that did just circulate on
the list? In the seek for a static library? Perhaps time to look into a
container instead? :-D


On Tue, Jun 23, 2020 at 01:44:32PM -0400, Stephen Clark wrote:

Can anyone give the magic configuration items I need to build using a static

I have spend all day trying to do this without any success. It seem like I
tried every combination
that ./configure --help displays.

Any help would be appreciated.


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