I want long esses in my texts, titles, and links. But I can't find where to place this code to get the effect I want without trashing things like directives or html attributes. This is after block, but I have tried it up and down the hierarchy. I suspect I might be trying the wrong thing alltogether to try to do with markup.


function Mylongs($m){
$longs = $m[0];
$longs = preg_replace('/(s)/','ſ',$longs);
$longs = preg_replace('/(ſſ)/','ſs',$longs);
$longs = preg_replace('/(ſ )/','s ',$longs);
$longs = preg_replace('/( ſ)/',' s',$longs);
$longs = preg_replace('/(ſk)/','sk',$longs);
$longs = preg_replace('/(ſ)$/','s',$longs);
$longs = preg_replace('/([[:punct:]])(ſ)/','$1s',$longs);
$longs = preg_replace('/(ſ)([[:punct:]])/','s$2',$longs);
return "$longs";

-- Lars Eighner
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